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Women’s Circle's are an ancient practice and place for women to be held, heard, seen and supported. We don't have enough spaces where we can speak honestly, authentically and without fear of judgement. When we share in held spaces such as this we often find release in speaking the words aloud, and comfort in hearing our stories reflected back to us in the experiences of other.

We offer our circles as a way to empower and awaken ourselves and to form deep connections with those around us. This supports us to go deeper into the work of rewilding and reclamation, where we can begin to transmute and process our experiences on a somatic, and soul level.

A women's circle is a truly sacred space and container for those who attend to be witnessed without fear or judgement. A space free from judgement, competition, demands, expectation, pressure or noise. In circle everyone is equal and we can be together authentically, and in trust.

The women's circle is a refuge. A space for all to be together in loving trust, initiating ourselves back into the ancient feminine way.

Our spaces are open and welcoming for anyone who identifies as female or with the female experience, including non-binary womb folk, queer and trans women. 

Our circles take many forms and will be unique to the practitioner. We may share a number of soulful practices and tools to help guide you into a place of deep rest, trust and authenticity. When you enter our spaces you can expect to be welcomed and greeted with love, compassion and non-judgement. Our certified practitioners have been trained in the art of space holding to help you really surrender to the flow.

We offer an invitational and trauma-sensitive approach to our practices, making space for you as all you are.

If you have any extra needs or concerns about accessibility, please get in touch with us before you attend one of our circles so we can make sure we can accommodate for you.

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