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It is our heartfelt intention to offer you loving spaces in which to explore and refine the beautiful healing arts of the feminine path and radical leadership.

Our courses and immersions offer you the container in which to explore your potential through depth, truth and authenticity - inviting you into your most truthful expression of self.


Our programmes are offered lovingly from our carefully curated team of experts and elders who hold deep wisdom in their chosen fields of study. We offer these immersions with integrity, passing on the flame for those willing to take up the task.

We offer a select programme of curated immersions and courses from our favourite leaders to offer you elevated learning opportunities to explore and integrate more of yourself, through live containers, in person immersions and self-lead content.

Step into the powerful leader you were born to be.



refine your toolkit

We offer a handful of structured learning environments for you to learn new skills and refine your tools as a practitioner of the healing arts.

Learn from masters of the ancient crafts of Yoga, meditation, reiki, sound healing, Hit the button below to explore our mini courses and short immersive experiences. Some experience may be required to access our intermediate or advanced level trainings.



lead in the feminine way

Our signature 12-week group initiation provides a deep and loving container to explore the ancient craft of holding women's circle. We will walk the ancient path trodden for us by the wise women and elders who came before, and tend to the wounds that have been gouged over a millennia of suppressing the feminine way. We will go into the fires of love together and learn to hold space for all of it. Unconditionally. A combination of live calls and self-paced coursework content.



open your heart

In this initiation you will become a self-initiated guardian of the Cacao medicine. You will learn how to honour the Earth and authentically give thanks in ceremony. How to acknowledge the ancestors and the indigenous medicine keepers of South America who have kept this beautiful plant spirit alive in great integrity. You will learn how to crack open, to a capacity that you never thought was possible. You will learn how to serve the medicine and honour Her spirit. 

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