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The Sacred Sisterhood (c) is the heart child of women's circle facilitator and sound practitioner Molly Anne Chinner. 

Growing up in a household full of powerful, creative and radiant women in the rural British countryside Molly observed the essence of the feminine in all things and carried a deep respect for the alliances formed between sisters from a young age.


After moving to the busy metropolis of London during the global pandemic Molly observed a desperate need for community and sacred spaces amongst the women she was working with. There was a sense of disconnection, competition and separateness present that felt like it was designed to drive us apart. To keep us small, quiet and obeying the patriarchal designs that have been set for us.


She set about sowing the seeds of a sisterhood that could welcome women of all backgrounds into its arms. The Sacred Sisterhood blossomed quickly, starting as small monthly moon circles and expanding into a blooming lotus flower of incredible offerings, retreats, practitioners, specialists, ceremonies and events, all with the same intention - to reignite the feminine flame in the hearts of women everywhere.

We are a growing sisterhood, welcoming all who wish to join us, in our mission of remembrance and reclamation. 

Reclaiming the ancestral wisdom that is out birthright to remember

Reclaiming our bodies, minds, voices, wombs and hearts

Reclaiming our unique and authentic gifts

Reclaiming the line of our mothers, grandmothers, daughters

Reclaiming the Earth that we walk upon

Reclaiming our creativity, our play, our flow

Reclaiming our love, compassion and support for one another

Reclaiming the howl of the wild wolf woman

Reclaiming our forgotten sisterhood





Our mission is to offer inclusive, safe, sacred and accessible spaces for women all over the world to reclaim their wild and ancient power. 

Our certified practitioners offer circles, retreats, events, courses, 1-to-1 services and immersions across many themes and topics, all grounded in feminine wisdom for the modern woman. Remembering our interconnectedness and the oneness of all things.

Within the circle, everyone is equal. A circle has no sides, no top and no bottom. Our mission is to guide women back to the remembrance of the sacred circle. To share, hold, witness and be witnessed without judgement. To remember our truth and recover the ancient wisdom deep in our hearts.

Our mission is to empower women to reclaim their connection to the Earth, their bodies, their voices, nature, self-worth, support networks, creativity, wellbeing and the presence of divinity within and without. To remember that we are daughter's of this sacred land and awakening to the vast ancestral landscapes available for our greatest good.

We rise together.

We are the one's we have been waiting for.

We are committed to bettering our practice of diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Although our offerings are currently for those who identify as woman, we are serious about taking an intersectional and inclusive approach - welcoming anybody who resonates with the embodied feminine experience. This includes trans women, non binary folk, femme queer folk, gender fluid people and more. You are most welcome in our spaces.

We welcome women of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, communities, gender expressions, abilities, sexualities and financial status. If money is a barrier to access for you please get in touch with us as we have many scholarships available to support our community. 

Our commitments are to supporting the development of women internationally and we have chosen to work towards donating 5% of our monthly profits to TreeSisters - an organisation supporting reforestation and empowering women in impoverished communities - and 5% to Forgotten Women, an incredible organisation that works with the deliverance of aid to women, from women. We also support the brilliant Buena Semilla - a grassroots collective based in Guatemala that supports indigenous and non-indigenous women to reclaim their wellbeing - through our RADIANT HEART (Ceremonial Cacao initiation). We estimate this will be able to happen in the next few months as our membership platform grows.

We take our commitments very seriously and are always open to discuss with transparency. If you have any concerns or queries regarding accessibility or inclusivity please reach out to us on the contact details below.



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