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30 day lunar initiation with Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao, the ancient elixir of the gods, is the sacred key that unlocks the portals of our heart and spirit. This cosmic elixir has allied with humanity for eons, connecting our hearts with higher realms, enhancing our ability to channel our intentions and desires and lifting our frequency. She is the cosmic, expanding consciousness of the feminine force upon Earth and carries the medicine to crack us open into higher dimensions. It is Her rainbow mission to uplift the vibration of love upon Earth and carve out a new paradigm of being, pouring forth through the doorway of the heart space.

In creating relationship with Cacao we open the door to a new way of being. We allow ourselves to be opened to cosmic consciousness and to the divine orchestration of the greater Matrix. She leads us towards integrity as leaders, to find space for compassion and boldly step forward in sharing our gifts with the world. She creates shamanic connection between above, below, within, without and the dreaming, allowing us to see through the veils that blind us towards a more expansive, loving and abundant paradigm of existence, calling forwards a new world.

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and ancient ritual to honour the five elements and the spirits of Nature, to create a harmonious matrix with all living beings and express gratitude for Life itself. Cacao represents the way of the heart and reflects humanity's sacred connection and relationship with the land and the (un)seen worlds.


"The radiant heart initiation is such a supportive and empowering container to connect deeply with mama Cacao. I felt so held as the medicine guided me on a powerful and raw journey into the depths of my inner world. Molly thoughtfully shared her wisdom and experiences with cacao; guiding us through the lunar cycle with prompts, music and rituals. The beautiful medicine offered by Gemma on the initiation is so so powerful and shared with such passion and love." - Kirsty



The Cacao Spirit is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. Mama Cacao holds the vibrations of kindness, unconditional love, and joy, opening a channel for loving connection with yourself and others. Cacao's energy is healing, feminine and very gentle - speaking directly to the heart. When we connect with the heart’s energy our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace and harmony.

In this initiation you will become a self-initiated guardian of the Cacao medicine. A position that is of the upmost integrity and value upon this Earth. You will learn how to honour and authentically give thanks in ceremony to the spirits of nature. How to acknowledge the ancestors and the indigenous medicine keepers who have kept this beautiful plant spirit alive in great integrity.


You will learn how to crack open, to a capacity that you never thought was possible, allowing light and love to flow in abundance. You will learn how to serve the medicine and honour Her spirit. You will learn how to sing with the stars, dance with the moon and breathe into the flowing rhythms of life.

You will be guided to remember the truth in your heart.



Ceremonial Cacao opens our hearts to receive a higher frequency - that of unconditional love and compassion. She gently guides us towards a more conscious and connected experience, through the softness of the embodied feminine presence and the portal of the heart. She is reaching her arms around our Earth now during this time of great suffering, singing her sweet song in the ears of those opening to a deeper and more united love. 

She only whispers to those who are ready to receive her medicine fully. If you are ready to step into your full body YES this is the initiation for you.


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10% of every registration will be donated to the amazing Buena Semilla - a Grassroots Collective based in Guatemala that supports marginalised Indigenous and non-Indigenous women and their communities in their quest to reclaim their voice, wellbeing, self-authority and self-determination.

Their mission mission is to co-create transformational spaces where historically oppressed individuals & collectives may remember who they are, heal, dream, and together reweave the fabric of their lives and communities.

As Cacao is a medicine of great cultural value to the Indigenous peoples of South & Mesa America - we feel our support of this extremely worthy organisation to be in alliance with Cacao's message of unified love beyond borders and empowerment for all of Earth's children.


  • 1kg of high grade Ceremonial Theombroma Cacao gift box from Cacao Calling

  • 2 x group video calls to open and close container (will be recorded)

  • 30 day lunar initiation (new moon - full moon - dark moon)

  • Lifetime access to course portal with extra materials, guidance and rituals

  • Access to Whatsapp support group

  • Unlimited access to ongoing (bi-monhtly) Ceremonial Cacao initiations for deeper spiralling


*No experience necessary - all curious hearts welcome!*



We will flow intuitively through this initiation. Guided by the waxing and waning of the moon from New - Full - Dark you will be guided inwards to explore and illuminate the depths of your heart. Supported by a circle of attentive sisters, you will be invited into the cracks and shadows that lie beneath the surface, attending to yourself as a conduit of cosmic consciousness upon Earth.

Do you feel the call?


"I really loved the RADIANT HEART - Ceremonial Cacao Initiation. Molly is an amazing person and able to create a loving, safe and empowering container where we can all heal, nurture and grow together. It deepened my relationship with cacao, as well as my connection with myself, opening my heart and soul with grace and kindness." - Celine


Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist, songstress, circle weaver, Cacao guardian, Earth-lover and Yogini. 

Passionate about the ancient healing powers of sound, music, voice and plant medicine - Molly finds great joy in weaving her beloved crystal alchemy bowls, pure and soulful voice and hand-crafted shamanic drum into her uniquely ambient and explorative soundscapes that inspire deep connection and kinship of the heart.

Molly uniquely combines her ethereal channelled song with a lifelong connection to the beauty of our planet Earth - sharing deeply emotive, otherworldly soundscapes that guide the listener deeper within the inner landscape and invite connection with source, consciousness and self.

Her leadership with the Cacao medicine comes through a seven year self-initiation and deep relationship. She shares and serves the medicine from a place of heart-centered joy, calling in a new paradigm frequency of love and harmony, for a new Earth to rise.


£222 investment* 

*Can be split into 4 x monthly installations if required

Next container runs June New Moon - July Dark Moon

Live calls will be at dawn (07:00 GMT) and ceremonial protocol of fasting, ritual observance and more (details will be provided) will need to be observed throughout the full 30 days. This includes a strict cleanse of alcohol, animal products, other plant medicines, stimulants, caffeine and tobacco. If you do not feel you can follow this protocol at this time consider joining this initiation at another point.

Ceremonial Cacao can be inappropriate for those newly pregnant, taking SSRI's, antipsychotics, anti-depressants or other pharmaceuticals. It should also be avoided in the case of serious heart, blood, autoimmune or histamine conditions. if you are not sure please contact us in advance on

To get started hit the button below to begin your journey. 

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