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5 week reclamation of the sacred feminine voice.
~February 2024~

The voice of the Feminine has been silenced, oppressed and lying unheard for many generations. She is the dormant whispers of our wild, intuitive and creative spirit that has been nearly extinguished by an oppressive patriarchal culture that devalues and undermines Her wisdom. Women's voices have been silenced for too long. We are the wise ones, the Grandaughters of the witches they never burnt. We are the voices of the Earth, rising up to take our places at the helm of a new paradigm of feminine leadership. Our voices are meaningful and medicinal for these times.

The Feminine is rising now.

She is waking up in willful, wise women all around the world.

She is awakening during this transitional moment on planet Earth ...

and She is ready to roar.


Her voice is a source of infinite power and cosmic, creative energy. Through consciously connecting to Her voice we can activate our authentic expression, intuitive gifts, purpose, joy, creativity and sing our soul's song. However our voice can hold trauma, inherited conditioning, heaviness, patriarchal pain and suppressed emotions that we receive our lives. It becomes a blocked energetic space within us making us forget our power and become smaller. We lose our ability to give voice to Her.

This course is a deep dive into the attunement of your authentic voice, the energetics of singing, improvisation, the voice as a tool for rewilding, reclamation of your own feminine wisdom, and as a tool for deep, inner alchemy.


5 x group calls are included in this training.

You will also be supported with a cosmic coursework portal woven with extra content that you will have lifetime access to.


In this course, you will be guided through whatever is blocking your truthful expression to become more powerful in your wild and authentic voice. This is the alchemical work ~ the activation of raw and heart-felt expression that will ripple out to touch all aspects of your life. Activating the voice opens the womb-heart-throat portals to higher expressions of truth, clears blockages for healing, activating your potential for lifelong healing through the power of the embodied feminine force.


You will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through sounding, prayer, group ritual, meditation, sound healing, vocal toning, soul enquiry and medicine songs. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with your true voice - without judgement or criticism.


When we unlock our true voice, we are healing the body, mind and heart while simultaneously transforming resistance, pain and trauma into treasure. This is the real alchemical work.


If you have found this page, something is calling you in. Listen deeper... 

She is calling you home.



  • 5 x weekly group calls (zoom) 

  • Supporting information booklet, journaling, meditations + videos

  • Course portal with extra material and lifetime access

  • Resource library with recommended reading + medicine songs

  • Access to Whatsapp support group



Week 1 - The False Voice {Deconditioning Patriarchal Structures}

Week 2 - The Vocal Shadow {Shadows of the Feminine}

Week 3 - Sharing Truthfully {The River, Truth & Expression}

Week 4 - Singing with Saktí {Her Wild Tides, Womb Healing, Medicine Songs}

Week 5 - Your Rising Voice {Getting 'out of the way', Letting the True Voice Sing}

Integration + Resources

*No vocal experience necessary - all curious hearts welcome!*



Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist, yogīnī, circle weaver, creatrix and ceremonial musician.


Passionate about the ancient healing powers of sound, music and voice - Molly finds great joy in weaving her beloved crystal alchemy bowls, guitar, pure and soulful voice and hand-crafted shamanic drum into her uniquely ambient and explorative sound.


Weaving a touch of her native folk sound with soulful mantra, uplifting crystalline soundscapes, classical instrumentation and dream-like vocals, Molly’s music is intended as a channel of prayer to inspire universal connection and to guide the listener on an inner journey experience to open the heart.


Molly uniquely combines her ethereal channelled song with a lifelong connection to spirit and the Earth - sharing deeply emotive, otherworldly sounds that guide the listener deeper within the inner landscape and invite connection with source.


£222 investment*

Begins February 2024

To get started hit the button below to begin your journey. 

*Payment plans, deposits and scholarships available to a selected number of students who need it. Please state on your application email that you would like to be considered for a scholarship. (bipoc, lgbtqia+ and disabled students considered first)

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